Laughter as therapy

When loss happens we can become seriously unhappy and dangerously depressed. Not realising how sadness has affected our health, someone or something may cause us to laugh and then we feel alive once more. Laughter as therapy can heal some of the hurt that loss brings.

I suffered pain as a result of loss
not realising how serious and depressed
I had become
I shared some crazy moments
of my past life with you
and when you laughed wholeheartedly
I noticed how I needed that and what
fun it was
laughter as therapy is easy
and costs nothing


the loss of a parent

It is a very sad moment when a parent dies, especially after appearing cheery on your last visit in hospital and they give you a warm hug. What makes it harder is if you had a good loving relationship and experienced unconditional love. The pain stays with us at different degrees for the rest of our lives.

You said “Mum’s gone” and burst into tears
I said “oh no, I’m so sorry for your loss”
we had hoped for more time
even though we both knew that it could happen
because she had been so sick,
it was still a shock and it threw me back
40 years ago when I lost my Dad
here I am up at 2a.m. thinking about
how much it hurts at the loss of a parent
my thoughts are with you at this
very sad time