Being busy can be another way of running away from our inner turmoil. In this way we do not face what is troubling us, hoping it will go away if we dont focus on it. Of course that is not the case. The turmoil only becomes trauma and harder to resolve when we dont identify its existence and make an attempt to transform the conflict into peaceful outcomes. Awareness of the problem is 50% of the solution and education is the other 50% – the what and how to change it.

I was so stressed from the activities
I had committed myself for
it appeared as those there were not enough
hours in the day
I know this feeling, Ive been there before
too busy to even relax and catch my breath
what am I trying to avoid?
what am I in denial about?
today is my birthday and life seems to be
flying by me!
now that makes sense and I need not stress
just need to have more fun


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