Children can be the mirror of their parentsí behaviour

Life has its ups and downs and we manage this to the best of our ability Ė sometimes successfully and sometimes not so. Whichever the outcome, it is important to remember that children can be the mirror of their parentsí behaviour and therefore not be too surprised when their behaviour is somewhat dysfunctional. Instead we need to lovingly redirect them to use more effective methods of relating and especially role model this whenever possible.

As I watched my childrenís unpleasant behaviour
I was shocked at these changes forgetting that we had all
recently experienced some hard times in our family
but now that things were settling down the time had come for
the consequences of our friction to show in our children
for children can be the mirror of their parentsí behaviour!
that awareness helped me to relax and then approach the
whole situation more sensibly, gently guiding
them to improved behaviour
itís odd how it is easier to see
anotherís inappropriate behaviour
than to notice our own


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