Christmas happiness or blues?

So many are getting ready for the festive season but is it Christmas happiness or blues? For some this time brings back happy moments of childhood and for others it creates the blues. These blues can be because of memories or because of the temptation to overdo the eating or drinking or spending a loss of control. This is when self discipline can be rewarding. It is empowering to have even the smallest amount of self discipline gained with whatever assistance is possible.

as I struggle with the temptation of
bread, cakes, chocolate and spending,
Christmas happiness or blues
begin jostling for the prime position!
every success I have in
avoiding these excesses
at this time of year
empowers me towards the happiness
this festive season can bring,
moreso, a supportive system assists me
greatly in this endeavour
for there are others too who
are suffering the same temptations
and we cannot do it on our own!


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