Happy Easter

494020_easter_stuff.jpgEaster for Christians means celebrating the resurrection of Christ – the Greeks on Easter Sunday say “Christ has risen” as they smash an egg with another person who responds “truly risen” followed by having a feast. Easter in Australia is celebrated by many with chocolate eggs in coloured, silver or gold paper – a delight for children and adults alike, and a long weekend holiday of four days. Easter was also a pagan celebration before Christ and that was celebrated with dyed or painted eggs representing fertility, everyone partied and had fun.

my daughter and her family are overseas
my son is in France on a working trip so
my grandchildren and my daughter-in-law
took me to the movies to see Wild Hogs
and we laughed and laughed
then dinner out and exchanged chocolate eggs
and a Greek easter bun and red dyed eggs
what a Happy Easter it turned out to be


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