How to get a high from food

Okra polenta and yoghurt
Okra polenta and yoghurt

If you want to get a high from food try this simple healthy recipe. Ingredients: I large tin of cooked okra (Vit B,C, Cal ium, folic acid and fibre), 1 cup polenta, 1 cup yoghurt, 2tbsp tomato paste, 1 tin crushed tomatoes (antioxidants), 2 portions cooked meat, and condiments. Can be made with or without meat. Serves 2, costs approx $8. Add 2 cups water to the 1 cup polenta plus 1 tbsp oil or butter and some salt, stir and cook for 7mins in microwave without lid stirring again at 3 mins. Empty okra tin of gluggy juice but DO NOT WASH add to microwave dish with cooked meat, 2 tbsp tomato paste which has been mixed thoroughly into a tin crushed tomatoes, 1 cup water, 2 tbsp oil, salt or soy sauce, 10 drops Tobaso sauce and cook for 8 mins in microwave until sauce has turned into thickness of gravy. Add one polenta serve to a plate with some okra meal on top and 2tbsp yoghurt. DELICIOUS💋


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