When people annoy us it could be because they remind us of a past event or that we see in them what we strive to avoid doing ourselves. Another reason could be our need for perfection which can create havoc in our own lives. Intolerance is a negative feeling and this can eat us up inside. Far better to let go of the intolerance by trying to understand the other personís behaviour and if it is important enough to help them become aware of it in a caring manner. Ultimately, the final choice of changing that behaviour is their decision and up to us to walk away if we cannot accept it.

as I become annoyed at your selfish behaviour
I stop myself by realising that the intolerance is mine
and as I process this I notice that what I call
your selfish behaviour has more to do with
a personality clash between us
whatís more you are actually doing
what my mother would have slapped me for
as a child if I did that!
strange how that has come back to
haunt me in such a peculiar way


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