Manipulation a dysfunctional behaviour

At some time or other we have all been the target of manipulation a dysfunctional behaviour. It appears as emotional blackmail; an attempt to rescue us from making our own mistakes; foisting a guilt trip on us in an attempt to control us and many other examples. Unfortunately, we also are subject to doing the same so as to influence others to do what we want them to do. That is human behaviour, nevertheless, we can free ourselves of it because it can contaminate our own wellbeing.

How tempting it is to use tricks to get you to
do what I think is good for you, and me!
But I have learnt the hard way when it was done to me
and I dislike it so much, not to mention how obvious it was!
Manipulation a dysfunctional behaviour which is
like a tumour in my psyche, whether I do it to you or
you do it to me it still has the same outcome!


One thought on “Manipulation a dysfunctional behaviour”

  1. Ok. My son has been married to a woman for approx 3 years. They are in their mid 20’s and it is very clear that the woman is the manipulator! Her spous must report to her on a very frequent basis and must get approval for the most trivial things. Manipulation, Intimidation and domination are evident in their relationship as we now see our son goping through a period of depression for the third time. How can we as parents tackle this problem as we are are sick and tired of the little shit’s manouvers?

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