Dance in sunset, photo by Sara Hammarback, Stockholm, Sweden, bliss, peaceWhether recovering from addictions, emotional and physical burnout or any other disorder, one of the more effective tools for healing is meditation. Meditation can accompany many different activities such as sitting still and meditating, or yoga meditation, dance meditation, music meditation, chanting meditation, art meditation (drawing, painting, sketching) and even work meditation. Whatever places us in a quiet space where we do not think, in other words we clear our minds of the chatter and busy thoughts. This process centers and grounds us so that we are able to think clearly and take care of our own needs better. Search for whatever takes you into that meditative state and you will know bliss.

I had known of the benefit of meditation
for our wellbeing but whenever
I tried to meditate I would either
fall asleep or do ‘head miles’ about
whatever came into my mind
then one day I stumbled across
fine point abstract sketching and
I discovered the bliss of meditation
1,000 sketches later I still enjoy
the process of my mind hooked in
to every stroke I make whilst
thinking of absolutely nothing and
feeling the amazing thrill of that
state of bliss from being without
any thoughts whatsoever
in that moment in time

Dance in sunset, photo by Sara Hammarback, Stockholm, Sweden, bliss, peace


4 thoughts on “Meditation”

  1. Hi,

    I think that meditation also becomes easier the more times that you practice it. I dare say that after a while, you no longer have to sit in perfect silence, in a dimly lit room and play low key relaxation music. The more you do this, the easier it will become to find yourself in a state of oneness.

    Nice site!


  2. Very nicely and simply put.

    Yes, Meditation comes in many forms. You don’t have to be sitting and closing your eyes.

    You can do it while dancing, while sitting in the train on the way to work, while painting, while writing – it is a state one enters.

    It’s just a state one enters where spiritually speaking you connect to your guidance/higher-self or just your mind at a different level of perception.


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