Even the most able of us need to have someone as a sounding board – a mentor. Therapists are crucial and have their place in our lives too. Mentors are those people who will listen and share their knowledge and skills with us. Nevertheless we find strength in making a commitment about our own plans, in their presence, – a contract we make for our own improvement which they witness. It seems more binding that way.

How many times have I promised myself to follow a plan
for my own wellbeing and for improving some aspect of my life
some of these life strategies work smoothly and the outcome is
Now and then however, I come across an obstacle
then I discuss it with a mentor and it seems
easier to commit to
it’s all about accountability


2 thoughts on “Mentor”

  1. For a sponsor go to OA meetings and when you like what you hear about how a person has dealt with their recovery you ask them to sponsor you. It is a recovery tool for a person to get a sponsor and to be a sponsor too. Do not be disheartened if the person you ask is not available at the moment, it is not about you but where they are at the moment. Just keep looking for a sponsor because it is vital for your recovery.

  2. i would like a sponsor to help me with overeaters anonymous.i realize i am a over eater to comfort with food.thanks

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