Otherwise occupied

Behold: photo by Arjun Chennu, India sxc.hu 503896 http://arjmage.blogspot.comIt is far better to let go of hurt created by someone else rather than to take it personally because we do not know what is going on for them, and it may not be as it appears. Confident people just go on after such an experience whereas those who are not will be doing “head miles” about it. That can only contaminate our thinking and in turn our lives. We are better off to be otherwise occupied.

I must say I was disappointed by your response
to my suggestion that we meet
it was a surprise but then again
maybe you were not alone or
maybe you thought there was more to it
than there actually was
nevertheless, I am now
otherwise occupied

photo by Arjun Chennu India http://arjmage.blogspot.com/


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