Pets are therapy

Ziggy the cat, photo by Ali May, Forfar, United Kingdom, loyal friendIt is well documented that having a pet is more than just a pastime or a fancy. Pets are therapy. People who are recovering from serious illness show more of a remarkable recovery than those who don’t have a pet. Have you wondered why? One school of thought claims that when we show love to another we heal. A pet can return unconditional love and love is the emotion that heals us. How many times have we seen people melt at the sight of an animal? How many times have we seen people be cruel to their animals and yet they put up with it. Few times an animal will react viciously, but usually that’s when they become scared. Understandably, pets are therapy when they are treated well and not abused.

I have had pets since when I was a young girl
my pets are therapy to me and have
always been a part of the family
living inside with easy access to the outside
Anna, my Siamese cat lived for 17 years
and when I could not care for her she lived with
my son’s family, coming back to me when things changed
Lolita my Chihuahua, lived 16years,
very unusual for both breeds
my Burman cats had to be relocated for more room
now, Midnight, my black cat has been
with me for 4 years and is 7
he gives me so much delight as I speak to him
and he answers
his purring is like an expensive car must
sound to a car lover
he is worth his weight in gold, as they say


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