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I was talking to someone who re-commenced smoking after 6 months off cigarettes because of a persistent cough. Despite all the evidence of the long term effects of smoking he claimed he was healthier smoking than not.

Some people never seem to get the QUIT message. But the nature of addiction is to fool ourselves.

Some people quit smoking with the help of nicotine patches or gum. Others attend meetings of NicA to remain smoke-free. There are even therapies with great “quit smoking” results, which I’ll cover in this and future posts.

A proven and guaranteed way to Quit Smoking Today in less than 39 minutes using Rob Mellor’s power-packed Neuro-Linguistic Programming recording.

Of 5000 people tested 99.7% gave up smoking for at least one month from listening to this amazing program just once.

97.2% of the original 5000 have not smoked for over six months since the test started.

Results like that occur when you unlock your natural abilities.

Take the “will” out of will-power and get the power to stop smoking.

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2 thoughts on “Quit Smoking Today”

  1. Is willpower is an essential aspect of quiting smoking? This will always be raised seeing as there are a good number of nicotine addicts who regard their selves to be feeble in this way. They could be worried that if they fail they’ll be thought as lacking or missing in other ways also.

    Naturally, there are those people that will employ insufficient commitment as being an excuse and as a consequence never ever genuinely make an attempt. The will to stop is a lot more vital as compared with deficiency of willpower.

  2. I agree. It is hard to stop smoking but in my opinion you need motivation otherwise you will not stop. I smoked for many years then I fell pregnant with my first child and that was it, I never touched a cigarette again…until I stopped breast feeding. It appears my motivation to stop smoking had ‘dried up’ too.

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