Some superstitions are mindboggling


I chose to laugh at superstition and will walk under a ladder, own black cats, buy black cat lotteries (oops? I don’t expect to win just show my loyalty to black cats), don’t worry when I break mirrors, and so on. However I believe some superstitions were invented for those people thousands of years ago who did not understand certain concepts for etiquette (don’t place shoes on table it’s bad luck!), safety (don’t break mirrors it’s 7 years bad luck), controlling temper tantrums (if you break a glass you’ll move out). Keeping in mind the last one: here I am happy in my abode having titivated the way I want altruistically over 6yrs. Recently I broke not one but months later a second and third glass dropping these on a carpeted floor?! Momentarily I thought am I moving? Then just as quickly I responded that I’m not superstitious so I don’t believe it!

Guess what? The government is redeveloping the housing complex in Waterloo where I happily live and moving us residents into temporary housing in 2yrs time for 2 years. Then we can come back to the new development which will also have private tenants (I guess to lift the status of the residential new blocks and to help fund them), and a new Waterloo Railway Station.

So this thing brought to mind my mother who lit a candle to St. Anthony Patron saint of lost and miracles. I asked her how come she worshipped a religious icon if she was an atheist?! Her response made sense: that she was playing it safe in case she was wrong about religion! So looks like her influence is sill alive in me because part of me is not superstitious and part of me believes you need to play it safe just in case! Most of the times I choose to not believe superstition if it’s going to negatively affect my life yet I do notice things that happen and how they match the superstitions, then I just chuckle.🎃