My 70th Birthday & International Woman’s Day Fundraiser

You are invited by these 2 sponsors:

UN LOGO     UNAA (NSW) (United Nations Association of Australia) and HumSocNSW (Humanist Society)

HumSoc Logo

Sam Pellegrino


to bring your friends and family and celebrate my 70th birthday which is also UN IWD (International Women’s Day). This is a FUNDRAISER for those 2 non profit organisations so instead of bringing me a present please donate $20 per person (children under 16 free) – food and soft drink provided (byo alcohol)

VENUE: Turanga Building (private garden)  1 Phillip St (opp George St cnr) WATERLOO
Free parking areas other side of No 1 and 3 buildings                                                                                                                                     for this party only so disregard NO PARKING SIGNS inside


  ENTERTAINER:                                                                                                                               SAM PELLEGRINO:  Singer/Guitarist

He will have you dancing in the aisles to “rock ‘n roll”, “twist again”,                                                                  Latin American street dance and the latest music too

  DATE: SATURDAY  8th   MARCH        TIME:   1-4pm


For children there is a playground,  bicycle path, and basketball court, for parent supervised play in the large        landscaped park area.

Pre paid booking PLEASE and state Affie’s 70th

RSVP 1st MARCH for catering purposes. will collect on the day too (call Affie & book)

DONATIONS by mail before 7th March please:UNAA(NSW) PO Box K229 Haymarket 1240 Attention Dr Peter Airey or
HUMANIST SOCIETY OF NSW PO Box 617 POTTS POINT 1335 Attention Dr. Victor Bien


Party Balloons, photo by Julie Elliott, Wichita Falls, United States,  never enough





End of Year Party Humanists NSW 2013

Every year the Humanist Society of NSW has an End of Year Party in DecembeSamENY'14r instead of a Xmas party because we are not religious and as secular Humanists we do celebrate the season without the religious tones.


George Eynon Entertainer                                                                                                                                   Silvana Victor ENY'14

Christmas ornament, photo by Kinki Chew, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, cc.1asphost/mydreamsland, Chrismas time


Viky's bright skirt


  2012 was held at 2pm 2nd Saturday in December 9 and our entertainer George Eynon a New Zealand ex-patriot who can croon the most romantic tunes of Sinatra Elvis and Bee Gees to Country and Western and jive (also transform as he sings the most amazing Maori songs) kept us entertained. We had a great time and enjoyed each others company over food and drinks.

2011 and 2010 the wonderful Rubella caused full house at Humanist House with his Latin American diva act which he performed on cruise ships.

So up until 2009 our parties were Mad Hatters or such which were fun nevertheless poorly attended by a handful of people


Mind you some of us have family who celebrate Xmas and we respect their needs.For example on Xmas eve I have my family over and we have Xmas Eve with the carols the Xmas tree and as in Europe (as we are origiChristmas Tree, photo by Martin Boose, Dresden, Germany, Christmas Evenally Greeks from Romania)  open our presents. In that way I don’t compete with my offspring’s family personal time and the time they spend with their father and in-laws.

Xmas at Tina '12