UN International Women’s Day 10/3 a Success

Hon Marie FicarraAunty Joan Tranter2IWDPamela Lemoine IWD

UN International Women’s Day (8/3) Seminar was held on Monday 10th March at State Parliament House Theatrette with Australia’s theme Ending Poverty for Women and Girls which was the topic chosen by Sue Conde past president of UNWA.Sue Conde

Aunty Joan Tranter, Aboriginal Elder, Jambunna House of Learning at UTS carried out the Welcome to Country which was so touching.
Pamela Lemoine read out the lovely UN IWD message from Ban Ki-moon.

The Hon Marie Ficarra MLC Parliamentary/Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of NSW representing the Premier for Opening Ceremony in which she addressed female violence as still a pressing matter.


Introduction: Valerie Weekes past president of  kept us mesmerised with her story of how Valerie Weekes IWD

difficult achieving university qualifications in all male family

GRAMEEN FOUNDATION: Duncan Power fascinated us with slides giving an update about the wonderful work done with loans to women from underdeveloped countries, so they may establish their small businesses.

Duncan Power IWDRESETTLEMENT OF IMMIGRANTS IN AUSTRALIA FROM GREAT LAKES OF AFRICA: Dr Nadine Shema spoke about the difficulties experienced by her people as they adjust to their new country.Dr Nadine Shema IWD

INDIGENOUS WOMEN IN AUSTRALIA: Aunty Joan Tranter spoke about her struggle in life to become an educated Aboriginal family woman when it was expected of her to become domestic help. Sadly we were reminded of the indigenous woman’s plight once again.

PALESTINE & ISRAEL – A WOMEN’S VIEW: Vivienne Prozsolt (Straight from the Airport to IWD Seminar) Vivienne showed slides of some of the  atrocities that have taken place and as she is Jewish it was a sensitive situation to witness. However when my Jewish friends were offended Valerie reminded me that the UN have investigated the allegations and found them to be true ttherefore they have a peacekeeping effort campaign there at the moment. As this was an UN event at the time I thought it had been a relevant  presentation. However  at some time I will invite representatives of both sides to discuss the issue  at a Humanist Afternoon Talk (HuVAT).Vivienne Porzsolt3 IWD

AFTERNOON TEA: We enjoyed a get together and delicious afternoon tea


Valerie Weekes prepared beautiful floral arrangements of white roses with a small green hydranger
which she gave to the speakers and purple delicate ribbons for all particpicants to the UN IWD. In this picture is also a beautiful vase of red roses for my 70th from my cousin Harry Polymeris, the President of the Hellenic Cultural Association “Akropolis” (Greeks from Romania): the committee of which I am a member due to the fact that my family and I were in the 300 families who came out on the same ship the General Ballou to Australia in 1950.Harrys 70th roses


UN IWD International Women’s Day Seminar March 10, 2014

UN IWD International Women’s Day is officially on 8th March and this year that takes place on Saturday. However  a Seminar  is held on Monday 10th March. In Sydney UNAA(NSW) and co sponsor Humanist Society of NSW are committed through me, the Convenor/Founder, to celebrate this important women’s event by raising women’s profile and at the same time enabling access for the community to State Parliament House.



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                       HUMANIST SOCIETY OF NSW


                               INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY on 10th  MARCH  2014

                                     STATE PARLIAMENT  HOUSE THEATRETTE

                                      THEME: Ending Poverty for Women & Girls

                                                                                          (photo: girls from Afganistan)

2.30 MC/Convenor: Dr Affie Adagio Exec Ctee UNAA(NSW), HUMSOCNSW Hon  Sec, Past President

Welcome to Country: Aunty Joan Tranter, Aunty Joan Tranter, Inaugural Elder in Residence, Jumbunna, Indigenous House of Learning – University of Technology

Opening Ceremony: The Hon Marie Ficarra MLC Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of NSW representing the Premier and Parliamentary Sponsor for the Event

2.45 Introduction Valerie Weekes Past President UNAA(NSW)

3.00 Grameen Foundation : Duncan Power

3.15 Ending Poverty for Women & Girls: Sue Conde Past President UNWA

3.30 Resettlement of Immigrants in Australia from Great Lakes of Africa: Dr Nadine Shema (GLAPD)

3.50 The Position of Indigenous Women Today: Aunty Joan Tranter, Inaugural Elder in Residence, Jumbunna, Indigenous House of Learning – University of Technology

4.10 Palestine and Israel: A Woman’s View: Vivienne Porzolt (from the Airport to the IWD Seminar)

4.30 Afternoon Tea : please RSVP asap for catering purposes

Valerie 0456 124 0650456 124 065            Affie 0421 101 1630421 101 163

$10 pre-payment to UNAA(NSW) or HUMANIST SOCIETY OF NSW  PO Box K229 Haymarket 1240 Peter Airey

payments will be accepted on the day but it will be easier if payments are made before by Friday 7th March by post.