How to ‘Become Free from Addiction’ Shortcut

MOTIVATION is the fuel for healthy living which becomes weak when addiction takes over and the HIGH or BUZZ reinforces and worsens it. Strengthen motivation to resist the compulsion to do it. Remember THE POWER OF THE MIND is yours to use for an OUTSTANDING WAY OF LIFE and SELF TALK is your KEY  to reprogram unwanted behaviour and reach your goals.

Image from Facebook
Image from Facebook

This REPROGRAMING SHORTCUT  is for those who aren’t ready to have help or those who have recovery but need a shortcut strategy when ADDICTION/COMPULSION visits you!

  • Make total commitment to this REPROGRAMING SHORTCUT
  • REMOVE positive and negative STRESS (this is vital)
  • When DRIVEN to do what you promised yourself you wouldn’t  THEN USE THIS SELF TALK formula without fail!
  • SELF TALK over and over “I HATE THIS” as you’re doing it
  • Repeat even if ANOTHER PART of you says “BULLSHIT!”
  • Remember this WORKS if you keep repeating the SELF TALK to reprogram your attachment to the HIGH/BUZZ from “love” to HATE” (using the HATE word is vital)
  • Whenever the thought comes regarding how much you love it then REPEAT “I HATE THIS!” While your working, walking, driving, having fun, when the thought comes KNOCK IT AWAY with SELF CHAT which will negate the HIGH,/BUZZ.
  • it becomes EASIER and EASIER until it’s second nature to you!
  • YOU CAN DO IT! because you already do it when you are tempted to make choices and you tell yourself “NO, NOT NOW, NEXT TIME!” and it gives you the strength to walk away. It’s that PROTECTIVE SELF TALK that you need to PRACTISE with unwanted behaviours. YOU CAN DO IT!

I DO IT with my addiction to BREAD, DIM SIMS, DIET COLA DRINKS and anything else that can be damaging if it becomes a compulsion and I need to stop it in its tracks like gambling, spending and so on.

WHENEVER I think how I LOVE that taste or feeling  I SELF TALK “I HATE THAT IT” and repeat it OVER and OVER when in a few seconds the compulsion leaves me. Each time I now need to only repeat it twice and the compulsion leaves me.

IF YOU NEED HELP WITH THIS REPROGRAMMING SELF TALK book a private appointment with me 0421 101 163👥