With one finger pointing, three point back

It can be easy to blame others for unappealing behaviour because it then makes us feel not so dysfunctional as they seem. It is more important to realise that with one finger pointing, three point back. In other words how much of the unappealing behaviour is that which we reject in ourselves and find it easier to see in others?

Whenever I am tempted to criticise someone else
I remember what a wise person once told me –
with one finger pointing, three point back
so I first assess how accurate my comments are
and whether it is because I see in the other person
that behaviour which I try so hard to avoid in me
and perhaps am failing to achieve at the moment
then if that is not the case I check what other
negative feelings this process is camouflaging
for example, is it that I feel envious or
suffering from self pity?
usually this makes the situation clearer for me
and I can choose my words more carefully and caringly
should there still be a need for me to say anything at all
for that matter!


2 thoughts on “With one finger pointing, three point back”

  1. Hi Babelfishing, thanks for your well wishes. Maybe you have missed the point somewhat – I am using poetic licence in my prose to personalise the message of the entry so not all the prose refers to my personal experience but rather that experienced by others too. The aim is to share about the positive outcome of the life experience. Affie

  2. Hello was just browsing, came cross your binary log, hope things are going okay, despite your few setbacks

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