Curiosity is the fuel for Imagination and Motivation

IMG_20160417_144816 As I watching the tail end of Ch10 ‘I Fish’ I remembered the experience of deep sea fishing and trout fishing with my second husband Bruce Mahony. It’s not my favourite pastime but I enjoyed the water and the company of my husband, although there was not much talking so as to not scare fish away?! Today my thoughts go to why do we chose to do the things we do? I believe curiosity fuels imagination (what and how) and motivation (action). Whether it’s decluttering my home or tightrope walking from cliff to cliff.  Who agrees with that way of thinking?Screenshot_2016-04-17-14-58-50




Think about what goes on. I have to carry out an overwhelming task like decluttering 50yrs of my ‘collection’ or for someone else something more courageous like walking a tightrope cliff to cliff. Back to me because I wouldn’t dare do the latter but I believe it’s the same principle. I’m immobilised by anxiety over the amount of things I’ve collected, not hoarded because everything is neatly stored away in cupboards or boxes under the bed and lounge! Nevertheless it’s time to rationalise the quantity and as I anxiously stare at my tonnes of paperwork I decide 8 boxes have to be reduced into one concertina file! Can it be done? Yes! How? Throw out all paperwork except necessary current info. So I’m off throwing out 40 plastic bags of excess paperwork! When I wavered curiosity intervened “how long will it take to be free of this? Let me see?” Then it was 600 DVDs and CDs “how to keep those I love in a small space and portable? Anxiety overcome: giveaways box, cases of remainder thrown away and discs stored in portable zippered disc holders”. And the job got done!👍