Where’s my passion gone?

Apart from sharing my delight for the Hungry Jacks advertisement in me previous  post, it has been many months since I have written a post. Was it the shock of losing my close friend Waratah Rose Gillespie to a major stroke on 21.06.2010, or the battle to prevent the Humanist Society of NSW  being  taken over, or just life being too busy. Nevertheless, I remember asking myself over and over – where’s my passion gone? No posts, no sketches, no poetry! I had planned to write about Waratah’s passing away last year, and this June a memorial article and I did neither.

Waratah was an amazing activist and her Bougainville Seminar and book was well highlighted at Parliament House on IWWDay on March 8 2010 and I was proud that we managed to arrange that event for her.  At least we honoured her life’s work in her presence there.

Motivation is an important aspect of life and without it we become immobilised.




Hungry Jack’s Makes Me Laugh

The Hungry Jack’s advertisement with the rabbits gets me laughing every time because of the wonderful actor. She has the most amazing eyes as she looks at the rabbits increasing in numbers. Ad agencies need to make commercials more enjoyable so we watch them instead of running out of the room to do other things when they’re on.

See below for yourself, and if you agree, which I’m sure you will, comment below.