Fear, Anxiety and the Need for Control

Midnight BooAMae Sultana Look into my eyes rose by any other name is still the same – TERROR, TRAUMA then WAR which brings on feelings of retribution, action and  production of  WAR PARAPHERNALIA which in turn swells the financial coffers of the nation (what a relief in time of woe). It’s like a pressure cooker effect at some point the steam is released and all is well the food is superb.  Until that point however the global population is on tenterhooks and fearful like our household pets on fireworks night: planes go missing, get  blown up, innocent  people are beheaded or killed or intimidated, and the hands of powerful authorities seem tied!

THEN out of the blue a few of the powerful countries band together and shout “ENOUGH’ and “NO MORE”

Some sigh a sigh of relief and shout that a band of barbarian terrorists cannot control the powers of the world.

Others shout that it’s vilification and discrimination!

And some wonder is this WAR going to resolve this madness short and sweet or…

is it going to go on for YEARS and YEARS??????

Photos: My cats  Mae (5) Tabby and Midnight Bombay (14)

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