Life Strategies Workshops

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The Life Strategies Workshops are held for small groups of people who are experienced in personal development previously or who are in touch with their coping skills so as to enjoy life and want to refresh,  or even improve those knowledge and skills. You can attend on a regular basis to practise so as to gain and maintain serenity or inner peace. This enables accelerated learning in a busy society with stressed situations in learning institutions, work situations, and reaching your goals. Also this state enables us to maintain good relationships with family, friends and workmates.

One example of a Life Strategy Workshop.

  • Crest Hotel, Kings Cross, Sydney
  • $100 per person includes afternoon tea (beverages, savouries, sweets and fruit)
  • Join a group who have done personal development work before
  • Take the focus off others and put it on yourself
  • Overcome obstacles and blocks to your goals and dreams
  • How to use breathing to handle stress and anger
  • Deal with stress and trauma more efficiently or learn who to see about it

Feedback from some participants was along the lines of:

  • enjoyed learning about people’s love languages
  • interesting, showed me to think issues through more thoroughly
  • great to experience these techniques again, a good refresher
  • always refreshing to focus and look at alternatives
  • not only met my aim for today but got more
  • very insightful, it’s great to focus on me
  • very productive workshop, I learned a lot
  • more productive than other workshops
  • confronting, yet light and enjoyable
  • very different from what I expected, good work
  • interesting workshop, good group of people
  • enjoyable afternoon, a good learning curve
  • good to be with like minded people and unwind
  • great to refine my negotiation skills in a pleasant way
  • will remember this day for a long while, stress free
  • I liked the lots of humour for change
  • it mapped a path to my goals, back on track
  • more beneficial than I expected, I dealt with something new
  • The venue, atmosphere and delicious food and beverages created a moment in time that busy successful people could really appreciate. This is a reliable method of ensuring that your life is kept on an even keel. Relax and unwind with peers. (also see posts in Life Strategies categories at this website)

Come and see how it works while being relaxed too.

Do you want to train as an efficient competent  Life Coach  without doing a  boring long expensive course – see me.

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I’ve been asked “what is a life coach?” and so here is my definition as I function in that role and as the facilitator of the Affie Adagio Life Strategies Workshops.

Talking strategy, photo by Julie Elliot, Whichita, United States, action plan

Life coach: a person qualified and experienced in the areas of relationships, personal and professional development. People can develop life strategies to accomplish the lifestyle they dream of, through the services of a life coach. This means achieving goals that have been previously unattainable due to obstacles that seem insurmountable or when resolved keep reappearing. Everyone possesses the skills to improve their lifestyle and often a guide is required to remind them of how it is done. That is the role of a reputable, competent life coach.

a successful businessman comes to see me
as he needed a professional to regularly
use as a sounding board
he provides a person-to-person service
for many of his clients and realised
that over time he was neglecting himself
too busy for self evaluation meant that
he abandoned his own needs for those of others
“that can only have dire consequences” he told me
and he was right, because we get into denial about
where we are at and where we are going, so then
we cannot role model effective behaviour for others!
a monthly visit with me meant he could become real
about his own plan of action and any obstacles
that may have arisen unexpectedly
even though his insights came easily
a gentle prod from me, now and then, was
all he needed because he had done considerable
personal and professional development previously
no wonder he was so successful and
useful for others in their achievements

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