A mother’s instinct never dies

Mae and Pepi

I turned around and my eye caught Pepi cuddled up to Mae who’s twice his size so I took a picture. Mae had one litter of kittens when she was one year old. As she was a rescue street cat the Vet found then homes and I took her in. She is such a great mother that she treats this dog like a kitten and he loves her dearly.❤️

When I feel low

My pets I believe what I learned in the family therapist course residential, that we live and die when and how we choose at a subconsciouse level. In other words our system will allow or disallow certain weaknesses in our immune system. The mind is super powerful. May sound too symplistic but for me that makes more sense than what religions preach. To those who believe ‘God’ decides when we die I say “God will not take you if subconsciously you’re not ready to go!” Nevertheless, my doubting self sometimes worries that when people live alone with their pets, should something happen and no one knows, then the loved pets will suffer.  So when family or friends telephone, just to check in, my life improves tremendously. Having chronic depression, when I’m feeling low is when I become anxious about my loved pets. So especially thanks to Nella, my daughter-in-law, who phones me regularly on her way home from work for a chat.💕

How dogs become our babies

iPhone Photos 002My miniature Chihuahua, Pepi, is no different to my German Shepherd Kara, except that Kara was too big to cuddle up in bed at night. Pepi gets excited to meet people once he shows that he has a good watchdog bark after which he’ll jump in their laps. Nevertheless no matter how much he loves  someone, and there are his favourites, if I leave the room or car even for a second he frets badly. I remember he was such a small bundle when I got him that he was smaller than the palm of my hand. He fretted so loudly, wailing if I left the room that I took to taking him to the toilet and when I was having a shower.

Religion got it wrong






Religions are using fear tactics to suppress gayness! People are given wrong information by their religious leaders as can be seen by Waleed Ali from The Project in an interview with a gay Muslim religious man who has studied the Koran.

Waleed Ali

He found that being homosexual is permitted in Muslim teachings but shockingly misinterpreted as is the case in other religions.

Many homeless people refuse shelter

Ruby and Pepi cold

Sydney has had 2 days colder than any other in 10yrs. Yesterday I just managed to get out in the rain and get my windscreen wiper replaced at Jap Spare Parts for $20 (after some idiot has snapped it off) and did some shopping at Coles Surry Hills where I can take Pepi.

Mae cold

Today it’s just as freezing so my pets are cuddled up under covers and I’m watching TV rugged up even wearing gloves. I can’t cope with the temperature being too cold or too hot and I wonder how homeless people choose their lifestyle. It is a choice because I remember when I was the Director of Social Services at the Wayside Chapel our Youth Workers would offer homeless youth the opportunity of housing and food but they refused!  I offered 2 older homeless Kings Cross identities, Graham and Con, help to get housing and food. Con said to me that they’d had all that and found it too boring. 👿

Helping vunerable animals gives a buzz.

Kara and AffieWatching army dogs finding dangerous explosives for the simple reward of playing ball reminded me of my beautiful German Shepherd dog Kara. We had decorated our new home on the sandstone cliffs of Arncliffe, Sydney, and it was time to find a dog. So we answered an advertisement and there were several pedigreed ones to choose from but I spotted a timid one curled in fear against the shed. So we took her home. She needed to be taught how to walk with bribes of little balls of raw mince. She blossomed and we wanted to let her have a litter before being spayed. We had the majestic grooms waiting for Kara to come on heat but they were not available when she was ready, so she found her own. As I drove into our Cul de sac on a rainy day there she was having fun with 4 local dogs (none were of her breed). So I angrily broke up the party and she ran remorsefully up the fifty stairs. Obviously her lover showed her how to jump the side fence. He stood in the rain on the first landing looking longingly up at her and she lovingly looked back down at him, through the huge glassed wall in our lounge room. As I softened at the sight of this love I said to my husband “you know he isn’t a bad little bugger!”

Cats in bedside drawers.


Mae in the drawer

As I sorted out my bedside table drawers I turned around to get the last drawer and got the fright of my life because Mae was cuddled up in it. The easy way to get an 8 kilo Tabby cat out is to make it ,”dinner time!”. As the cats ate, I pulled stuff out from underneath the bed and as I turned around there was my 7 kilos ginger cat Ruby snuggled up in the drawer. Fortunately she is the anxious one so she jumped out when I ordered her to.💥They are so cute. 💜

Ruby in the drawer


Effective communication is the gold of relationships.

Letters from past




I was thinking about the circle of Facebook friends and relatives I’ve been in regular contact with over only a few months. How did this happen? Some new and some I hadn’t been in touch with for years and yet here we are sometimes in daily contact now.

Wedding at Mrs Macquarie's ChairAs a marriage and family counsellor I point out how valuable effective communication is to a successful relationship. I’ve been married twice and each one was bliss when our communication was good, and when not good the end was inevitable. Thanks to Facebook the opportunity exists to click ‘like’ for posts that impress and eventually develop friendships with individuals through meaningful or amusing conversations. In my FB circle not only have I communicated with relatives and friends overseas but also new friends in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and of course NSW. So I’m planning to visit my Tasmanian friends where I’ve never been before. It’s all thanks to effective communication.💜

Fool’s Gold of declutter.

Grandson Nicholas and Pepi

When I wrote that I finished decluttering I was experiencing the Fool’s Gold of decluttering because I found more. My darling Uni student grandson, Nicholas, came to my assistance and pulled heavy suitcases out of my sorted wardrobe. I had him empty them onto my bed and place empty ones back up in it. One plastic tray was full of videos of interviews for my PhD in Sydney, 10 cities in USA, and 4 in Europe. He kindly took that out to our building’s skip.

More sorting out

So I sorted this ‘precious’ lot that I’d been saving for decades and threw out more bagfuls in the rubbish. In my 2 drawer filing cabinet I have one drawer for white folders with touching letters or cards from relatives (dead or alive) and dignitaries, which I can just flick through.