Happy Name Day Aphrodite

  • The Feast of Aphrodisiac for Aphrodite the Greek goddess of Love Beauty and Sex (Aphrodisiacs) is not well known because Greeks celebrate saints’ days more than birthdays and she was no saint!
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  • Nevertheless for us who have been named after her (with many named after her) we can miss out. So until I found out about my name day being 6th February I used to celebrate on the day of love (St Valentines). So I thought I might publicise this day for the Aphrodites who may not know we have a special day.

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The girl cats are bonding

I’ve written about how my Tabby Mae has been grieving for her cuddling mate Midnight who died 10months ago and recently she sat hugging the scratching post he loved. Also how his young ginger girlfriend Ruby who is a bully likes tough love and Mae will have none of that! Well tonight it happened on the lounge both girls lay sleeping and Mae put her leg over Ruby which is a great sign of bonding!

Midnight and MaeIMG_20160205_230929