What makes a pet irresistible

    Mae mine mine

Ruby hugging Midnight


I love cats because of their ability to show affection by rubbing themselves against humans and chairs and so on. Their independence with using a kitty litter and washing themselves is outstanding but it can be annoying because their love is sooo selfish; only when they wish to share it! Asian breeds like Siamese, or Bombay such as my Anna and Midnight are more responsive. Which then makes it hard to do without them once they die. I’m still missing affectionate Midnight who died last year at 15yrs of age. Tabby Mae still looks for him now and then, calling out to him in the special way she used to. Ginger cat Ruby loved wrestling him into a hug. He enjoyed that rough love even though he wailed until she settled him into an embrace, he’d go back for more. Since he’s gone she has toned down her aggressive love behaviour because Mae won’t tolerate it. She just leaps away. Midnight loved to cuddle so if I called him he would immediately curl up next to me. The other male in the house, Pepi,  knew to cuddle up on the other side of me. As this growling miniature Chihuahua didn’t like any of them to share the bed this did not stop them once Pepi fell asleep. Midnight loved to be cuddled like a teddy bear. More about Pepi in  the next post.



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