Procrastination affects us differently

170958_me_myself_and_i.jpgI have written several posts on procrastination because it is such a traumatic experience and common to many of us. Procrastination affects us differently – some worse than others, as can be seen by Terry’s comment below. Regardless of how immobilised you feel when procrastination takes hold, there are different strategies that you can choose from to assist you. The most effective technique or strategy is that you learn how to relax so as to let go of the fear the task is causing you. Then give yourself permission to wait until you feel ready to begin. Plan a small step to begin your task once you have relaxed – the momentum will overcome your procrastination. You can find what works for you or you can choose to be a victim of procrastination. You may need some professional assistance to overcome the block.

What about when the procrastination paralyses you and when you are unprepared you perform badly and feel awful and embarrassed. Its as if something inside is hoping for failure. Or when you have a deadline for a task and leave it till the last minute and the stress builds up but there is a block to complete the task. Terry

me myself and i, photo by Davide Farabegoli, Milano, Italy, howto relax

Happy Easter

494020_easter_stuff.jpgEaster for Christians means celebrating the resurrection of Christ – the Greeks on Easter Sunday say “Christ has risen” as they smash an egg with another person who responds “truly risen” followed by having a feast. Easter in Australia is celebrated by many with chocolate eggs in coloured, silver or gold paper – a delight for children and adults alike, and a long weekend holiday of four days. Easter was also a pagan celebration before Christ and that was celebrated with dyed or painted eggs representing fertility, everyone partied and had fun.

my daughter and her family are overseas
my son is in France on a working trip so
my grandchildren and my daughter-in-law
took me to the movies to see Wild Hogs
and we laughed and laughed
then dinner out and exchanged chocolate eggs
and a Greek easter bun and red dyed eggs
what a Happy Easter it turned out to be

It’s only food

752497_fries.jpgHow many times have we wondered how a person can be out of control with food, after all it’s only food. Nevertheless so many are afflicted with an eating disorder – either overeating or undereating. It is a life threatening addiction. People who suffer with anorexia lose so much weight that their organs waste away and finally stop working. Those who suffer with bulimia have their insides torn up from the binging and purging. Those who are overeaters stress their organs with the excess weight and are at risk of developing diabetes, or when they already have it then they risk loss of limbs and death. Those who overeat and don’t put on too much weight have raised cholesterol which can reach dangerous levels and they don’t deal with their condition because they don’t believe it is dangerous. Then there is the madness of this addiction where we are preoccupied with food all the time – being driven or compelled to eat in order to satisfy the urge which is insatiable. Only in recovery are we free from that obsession and compulsion, and then we experience the feeling of serenity.

as I sat watching a movie in my lounge room
I enjoyed sipping my cup of tea after dinner
how great it is to be in recovery
free from struggling with my mind being
constantly in my fridge, wondering
what I could eat next and knowing
it wouldn’t be enough – insatiable
that was then and this is now
it feels so great to be satisfied and
enjoying the movie in serenity
at peace at last
after all it’s only food
but what a demon it can be!