Adam Lambert: American Idol audience prejudice

Adam LambertI don’t usually follow talent shows because the final choice is quite often unexpected. Nevertheless, as I flicked onto one of the American Idol shows with Adam Lambert performing, my hair stood on end at the talent of this man. His voice and performance was iconic. Every time there was a new segment I watched with anticipation and recommended it to others.

He is a star in the making and everyone who watched him with me agreed. We got goosebumps every time he performed. He may have sometimes looked Gothic and with his black nail-polish could be misinterpreted but he was pure talent and the judges even gave him standing ovations. Adam changed his appearance to suit the genre assigned for that particular show, and any mentor supervising their performances could only confirm the enormity of his unique talent.

At that stage rumours abounded that he was gay too. Nevertheless, his talent was undoubtedly iconic no matter what his sexual preferences were. I expected that Americans would be far more progressive than they proved to be in the final vote.

When Adam did not win American Idol even the winner, Kris Allen, admitted he expected Adam deserved the award. Kris, the winner was talented in a traditional way but Adam was undoubtedly exceptional. I even taped his performances, something I had not done ever before. I imagined he was this generation’s Elvis Presley or Freddie Mercury, yet he fit in with KISS and Santana in the final show.

So when he did not win, I was convinced America’s bible belt had pushed for a majority vote against him.? I could just hear the religious leaders saying to their parishioners “make sure everyone votes for someone other than Adam who will lead our youth astray”.

Then Adam made it known that he is gay and good for him.

Well, it was obviously a prejudiced vote and I pledged I would not watch American Idol again.
And I haven’t since. Americans need to lift their game or they will be seen by the rest of the world as being backwards. No wonder more and more people are turning away from religions.

So Adam, you will exceed and there are many worldwide who can see your talent and we are waiting for your CD’s. I am looking forward to the day that you become the star you deserve to be. And you will be.