nevertheless it will go away

sometimes life’s events
leave a mark on us
in the most remarkable way
affecting health, happiness, finances
and our relationships
traumatically so!

our skills that
were once talents
now become lost or weak
with the lack of motivation
or is it lack of confidence
without some sort of
intervention from the outside like
counselling, supportive family and friends

no need to feel ashamed
this is the lot of a human being
surviving life’s ups and downs
and its impact on us when
the bleakness appears to be
permanent, never-ending helplessness
or at least it certainly feels that way
nevertheless it will go away

being proactive is the best answer

Life’s process waxes and wanes
and this becomes so hard to remember
good follows bad, up follows down
and vice versa as the case may be

when isolation closes the door on sociability
loneliness threatens to rule the roost
being proactive is the best answer
they say “act as if” and it will happen

stop waiting for others to show they care
how are they to know how much you need them now
if you are just quietly waiting at home?!

happier days are just around the corner

a new day brings new feelings
some carried over from yesterday
or even from the past
a deep loss which
could be money, job or loved one

at happy times when eyes open
the pleasure continues but
there is no guarantee that it will last

then at unhappy moments as the eyes open
the painful reminder is fast and furious
at such times best to remember that
this too shall pass
happier days are just around the corner