When I feel low

My pets I believe what I learned in the family therapist course residential, that we live and die when and how we choose at a subconsciouse level. In other words our system will allow or disallow certain weaknesses in our immune system. The mind is super powerful. May sound too symplistic but for me that makes more sense than what religions preach. To those who believe ‘God’ decides when we die I say “God will not take you if subconsciously you’re not ready to go!” Nevertheless, my doubting self sometimes worries that when people live alone with their pets, should something happen and no one knows, then the loved pets will suffer.  So when family or friends telephone, just to check in, my life improves tremendously. Having chronic depression, when I’m feeling low is when I become anxious about my loved pets. So especially thanks to Nella, my daughter-in-law, who phones me regularly on her way home from work for a chat.💕

Nella and Pepi

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  1. This is a hard one for me Affie. I agree that I don’t believe God decides when we die, but I also can’t believe that it is our sub conscience that decides when we die either. I don’t think there is an answer as to when and how we die. It just happens, and often life style dictates our longevity, unless it is an unfortunate accident. You are very correct in saying that if we are alone with only our pets, it is good to have someone check in on us from time to time. This was a very interesting article. It got me thinking, and that’s what writing is supposed to do. xxx

    1. Joan I understand your hesitancy to believe your subconscious has that much power. At least you are aware of this concept and it may evolve further for you. Thank you for your comments they are welcome. I knew a young person in one of my therapy groups who was in his early twenties and whose favourite fairytale as a child was the prince who was turned into a statue and birds picked at the gold. I asked him at what age did he believe he would die and he replied “28”. I was shocked at his answer. A few years later he got AIDS and died at 28 when he was in a research group for a new treatment. Hence the birds picking at the gold in the statue was the benefit he contributed to AIDS research.

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