it would be helpful to notice what we say

one of the best lessons in life is that
we teach what we need to learn
so when people come our way
asking for answers to their questions
and we spontaneously offer suggestions
it would be helpful to notice what we say

in our comments we will see
that we are giving answers to
our own current problems
and all it takes is to pay attention
then we have the solutions
sometimes one, sometimes many
right under our very own noses

make dreams come true

having a program to live healthy
by eating well and avoiding smoking
no excessive drinking or spending
staying true to yourself and your loved ones
can help achieve those goals that
make dreams come true

the only things that can go wrong
is with the HALTS, that is being:
hungry, angry, lonely, tired and serious
then all good plans can go astray and
the best intentions disintegrate
so make a plan and stick to it

I remember the firewalk

Sceptics don’t believe that a person can walk on fire. Others think that it is against “God’s” wishes for humans to do such things. Then again some ask “why do it and for what purpose”?

I was one of those who asked this question, but in 1992 a new found friend, Jussta, a qualified firewalker, organised a fundraiser for the Wayside Chapel and as I worked there I joined in the event, which was covered by the media

we danced around the huge fire until it burned down to embers with
flames lapping up at the coals, then she walked across as we watched amazed
then she sang out to me to join her but I hesitated, quite fearful I might add
she held my hand as we made the crossing and she pulled me off as I hesitated
that cost me a small blister but with great delight at my accomplishment
nevertheless, many a time I am faced with tasks that I undergo and
as usual when I am tempted to stop before I am quite finished
I remember the firewalk and then complete the effort
it was one of the most empowering things I have done in my life

our happiness or unhappiness

what makes a good mood turn into a bad one and then back again?
could be it’s what we make ourselves do
if we choose something boring or antagonising, our mood follows
when we choose something enjoyable, our mood follows too

so it stands to reason that changing what we are doing will
lead to how we want to feel and less likely that we can hold
other people places and things responsible for our happiness or unhappiness

fun without drinks or drugs

all went well at the ceremony
the bride looked beautiful
the groom was suave
no dancing, smoking or drinking of alcohol
their religion does not permit this
nevertheless lots of people and even youth
having fun with happy laughter
enjoying the celebration

it was a religious ceremony, penticostal at that
friends of mine who had struggled to
get accepted in a new country, Australia
and as I observed their joy, it was a relief that people
could have such fun without drinks or drugs
so natural and healthy and happy

because our focuss has been on the problems of society
have we forgotten that the majority of the population
in fact enjoys life without help from drinks and drugs?
it’s not impossible to do and results in good health and happiness
consequently this does not mean that
such clean living people don’t face Life’s problems
some are very serious, sad, and full of injustice
this happens to the best of us
but the solution is there with the support of the
like minded supportive fellowship we belong to
and its program or philosophy

a wedding tomorrow

what is a miracle?
it doesn’t have to be
something supernatural
just everyday happenings
that have turned your
life around noticeably

for some people it means
freedom from a situation full of woe
a relationship
a way of life
or even
from a troubled country

today at the preparation for
a wedding tomorrow of
one of the daughters
a dream comes true
the happiness is obvious
however, only a few years ago
these people were struggling to be
accepted as citizens in this country

so hopeless it seemed at the time
but they are determined people
of good character and integrity
which led to their acceptance
but the father used to say that
he dreamt that God spoke to him
and it would come true someday
so they thank God for their miracle
and minimise their own mammoth effort

completion or closure

completion or closure

we have a vital task to complete
which we put off because
we are waiting for when
the time is right and
when we feel stronger

what really matters though
is that we take care of
unfinished business
otherwise known as
completion or closure

once that takes place
life seems so much easier
less complicated
a new beginning is close at hand
or so it seems

procrastination thwarts the growth

creativity nourishes the process of Life
we accomplish amazing heights with it
on the other hand
procrastination thwarts the growth
as it freezes any potential achievement
when we give into its immobilising effect

there are many ways to
shed ourselves of procrastination
make a plan
chunk the work down into doable bits
make a small beginning
then the bug to finish takes hold

it is with pride that
the completed task is reached
even if it is not to our utmost liking
nevertheless the fact that it is finished
far outweighs the perceived imperfection