Firewalking identified my weak spots

Affie firewalking 1993
Affie firewalking 1993

As I procrastinated before the final major task of my decluttering I remembered how firewalking identified my strengths and weaknesses. My firewalking facilitator friend Jussta convinced me to walk on fire in 1993 and this lead to doing it on 12 different occasions, the last one at an Anthony Robbins motivation workshop in Sydney. As a result I discovered that you need to wait until it feels like the fire is calling you and then you walk on it. Also that I’m capable of doing whatever I set my mind to do (no matter how daunting) and that in the last moment I can lose the momentum to finish, so then I have to push myself a little bit more.  The evidence was on my first firewalk I  got to half a meter before the end and paused which meant I got a blister. In all the next firewalks I kept that in mind and no more burns. Here I go one last push as soon as I get the call to tackle this step of my decluttering!

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  1. Hi,
    I am interested in organizing a firewalk in Sydney for 100-150 people and wonder if you have any contact details for someone who could set it up for me? Thanks in advance.

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