Diabetes Recovery is possible

UntiliPhone Photos 002 November 2013 I was a diabetic on tablets and insulin and I met Ted Kawamura of Japanese heritage who has a natuopathic supplement formula that he reassured me would free me from insulin within 3 months providing I keep to it strictly. My miniature Chihuahua Pepi appearing on this page, kept vigil and if a hypo threatened he would warn me excitedly. I eagerly agreed to follow Ted’s formula – what did I have to lose – nothing with everything to gain. I advised my medicos and promised they would be the ones to let me know when I should stop taking any of my meds. May in this year my health was so improved that Prof Lesley Campbell my Diabetes specialist advised I would need to stop my insulin shots! Then my GP Dr Misaki Ikegame advised I should stop my hypertension meds as my blood pressure was once more low. What a thrill! Next my Neurologist Dr Stephen Tisch announced I was his successful patient as my Essential Tremors were now greatly improved (actually they’ve stopped and I’m off the meds for that too).