Freedom from food addiction

573700_cookie.jpgIn response to my comments on food addiction, Mandy and Tiffany shared about their own struggle and reached out for help. They are not alone and there is hope for freedom from food addiction. A wise person once said to me “some things you cannot do alone – freedom from addiction is one of those things”. So here are some suggestions that may help.

First make a plan for what you want to achieve and make sure it has a healthy outcome.Then look at these options and find more for yourself to choose from.

1. get an addictions therapist to guide you and support you on your journey
2. attend Overeaters Anonymous meetings (based on AA 12 Steps program)
3. attend Smart Recovery meetings (based on CBT & REBT models)
4. look at Carbohydrate Addicts Centre program (see link on my home page)
5. If you live in Sydney – contact me on 02 9214 7529 for an appointment (I am also available via Skype for phone appointments)

she battled with food addiction just as
an alcoholic does with the urge to drink
she remembered the advice of an AA elder
who said “just get your bum on a seat until
the miracle happens”
so she attended meetings of like-minded people
who suffered with the same demons and she shared
about all the negative feelings she had buried until
she became bored with being bored and then
she realised she needed to review her plan and
sure enough she tweaked her recovery until it worked
she had expressed and released her misery and found
the tools to change her way of thinking and feeling
nevertheless the most important thing was to remember
that it was up to her to make the difference
and that she did!

Cookie, photo by Kathryn McCallum