How dogs become our babies

iPhone Photos 002My miniature Chihuahua, Pepi, is no different to my German Shepherd Kara, except that Kara was too big to cuddle up in bed at night. Pepi gets excited to meet people once he shows that he has a good watchdog bark after which he’ll jump in their laps. Nevertheless no matter how much he loves  someone, and there are his favourites, if I leave the room or car even for a second he frets badly. I remember he was such a small bundle when I got him that he was smaller than the palm of my hand. He fretted so loudly, wailing if I left the room that I took to taking him to the toilet and when I was having a shower.

Midnight Vale 2014

What amazed me is that he and the cats warned me when I was having a diabetic hypo. He has a peculiar howl, Midnight kissed me on the mouth shocking me out of my sleep, and they would all stand like soldiers in a row.


So I take him everywhere for his separation anxiety and my hypo prevention. As registered Companion Animals, dogs have to be given entrance in Supermarkets, Cafes and any shops because they save lives. It is far easier for me to take something when Pepi warns me of a hypo than if I pass out causing the management to be disrupted and to call an ambulance while risking my life until it arrives. Dogs have even known when someone has cancer before it’s detected by the medical profession. His unconditional love and his dependence on me is amazing and it feels like looking after my babies once more. Even so he has a will of his own and can be a little bully with the cats who love him dearly. They all give me the reason for coming home and to keep on living. For some of us feeling needed is paramount.😍



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