End of an era with NSW Humanist and UNAANSW Executive Committees

HumSoc LogoAfter 15 years with the HumSoc NSW committee, at different times as  Editor, President, Hon Secretary, Convenor of several events such as Australis 2000 a2k, CAHS Conventions, End of Year Party 2014 with entertainer Sam Pellegrino, Entertainer Sam, PellegrinoAvo Affie dancingand as HSNSW delegate to UNAANSW initiating the partnership event of joanne

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women Logo

UN International Women’s Day which began with Waratah Gillespie’s (right) experience in Bougainville and ended 5 years later with The Hon Jillian Minister Jillian Skinner Jan15Skinner MP and which was my final event in March this year (2015) therefore ending my involvement with both committees. imageThe tulips, a lovely farewell gesture from Hum Soc NSW and the roses were presented to me at UNIWDAY by UNAANSW past President Valerie Weekes  whose support for the 5 years has been invaluable. It was also memorable having Robyn Carroll (right) Indigenous Community Worker from Walla Mulla Family and Community Support Woolloomooloo carry out the Acknowledgement to Country and to speak about Indigenous Women’s issues. Every year this event has taken place in Sydney State Parliament House gratis for which we are extremely grateful and proud. The Afternoon tea was delicious croissants with coffee or tea.

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women Logo
The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women

International Womens Day flowers for speakersgoodbye flowers


Remove the stress

puzzle, photo by Emin Ozkan, Izmir, Turkey, serenity peaceSerenity and peace of mind are easier to maintain if the stress in our lives is kept to a minimum. That is, negative and positive stress. Both forms of stress put pressure on our system and we reach out for, or do, things that helps us to cope better. Often the things we use are not healthy for us. Then we make excuses as we are faced with the consequences of our actions. This could be putting on weight from overeating or being fatigued from working too many hours, being sick from too much drinking or smoking. The list goes on. Our first step should be to remove the stress then we can deal with the excesses much easier.

retirement had promised to be a relaxing time
and she’d looked forward to doing the fun things
she had promised herself for such a long time
but somehow she became so very busy
how did that happen she wondered because
her healthy food plan had faded away?
her coping method had been comfort eating
and promising herself that soon she would stop
then she realised that she needed to
get down to basics and
remove the stress from her life before
everything else could fall into place