Evidence that diet and acupuncture works

Damaged legs restored

Rescued dog with distorted legs from malnutrition IMG_20160414_155849


I I I I I Watching  RSPCA Animal Rescue at 3.30 on Ch 72 and was moved at the heartbreaking sight of the poor pup when rescued trying to walk on twisted feet due to malnutrition. I was angry at the ignorant young owner who allowed this condition to deteriorate to the point where it was being considered to have this gorgeous girl euthanased!  I’m also fed up with sceptics who insist nutrition and especially alertnative medicines like acupuncture are unscientific remedies. Apparently acupuncture has been used with reliable successful results on animal disorders for many years! 

After a second opinion the Vet advised that the pup stood a good chance with good nutrition, acupuncture and physiotherapy. Happily after a few weeks of this recommended remedy the pup’s ankles were strong and her legs straight enough for her to walk off with her new owner.



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