Resentment is a cancer

Someone says something that hurts and our feelings are crushed. That only occurs when we have low self-esteem otherwise we chuckle at it. If we let it affect us badly then we become resentful resentment is a cancer which needs to be dealt with before it spreads and does damage to our psyche. The solution is recognising that the hurt feeling is our own and then communicating in a calm manner with the person in question to clarify what happened without being attached to the outcome. Taking responsibility for our contribution which at worst may only be a misunderstanding could be all it takes to feel better.

it just appears as a small discontent
but as it grows resentment is a cancer which
needs to be treated early before it becomes
how?! owning it as being my problem not yours!
next checking out gently what you meant
and then making amends
its as easy as that
try it!


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