Rose Garden Pavilion for Weddings

Pink Rose, photo by Marcel Holtjer, Bellingwolde, NetherlandsOne of the loveliest venues in Sydney is the Rose Garden Pavilion for weddings. The position is opposite 139 Macquarie Street through the Palace Gate. The Pavilion has a slate floor and benches all around so it is ideal for rain or shine. Guests can sit inside or out. Self catering is permitted by the Royal Botanic Gardens and parking can be at meters inside or outside the Gardens or in parking stations nearby. It is possible to dance in the Pavilion too. Even if the roses are not in bloom the immaculate gardens with the white lion statues guarding the Pavilion create a magic environment. There is a hire fee for the Pavilion and the nearby toilet but the cost is well worth it. This is how the Royal Botanic Gardens website describes the venue:

Consisting of six design elements the Sydney Rose Garden has a romantic pavilion with views over three huge beds dispaying traditional and contemporary roses. The rose beds complement a fig tree on a central lawn.


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  1. Can you please advise if your venue is available to hold a wedding ceremony from 2:30pm on Saturday 10 November 2012 with 130 guests? If so, can you please forward a list of hire fees?

    Many thanks,
    Erin Longbottom

  2. This is such a nice pace for weddings. Especially, if the couple loves flowers and loves the outdoors. Maybe the blogger can suggest some caterers and audio rental services for more information about where to get the things needed for the wedding. It is essential also to know how much is the rent for thee venue to know how to squeeze it in on the budget.

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