which is second nature to us

love is such a therapeutic process
it relieves loneliness
it heals sickness
it resolves conflict
it inspires us to achieve great heights
it softens the blows of failure
or the inevitability of certain sadness
and the losses which Life can
sometimes serve us

nevertheless we don’t appreciate
this resource we have
which is second nature to us
but when we do then
Life becomes such a dream
because everything is more manageable
and Hope enters our domain
promising situation improvement
at every level

marriage celebrant

“can you marry us in a park or on a beach
or on the steps of the Opera House?”
“yes anywhere you choose, even in your own backyard”
that’s the beauty of using a marriage celebrant
you are in control of your wedding ceremony
with some help from me, the celebrant

when I decided to become a marriage celebrant
the fascination was the freedom to provide a service
which was romantic and imaginative and
could take place anywhere the parties wanted and how they wanted

I have married people on the beach
in the Botanic Gardens, Centennial Park and other parks,
on ferries
in the Opera House and on its steps
under the Harbour Bridge
in people’s homes and backyards
in reception restaurants – too many to mention
in the State Library’s elegant historical entrance hall
and the list goes on

people from overseas have come especially to get married here in Sydney
what a holiday that was for them and a joy for me
it is still fascinating and I am looking forward to the next wedding
phone me (02) 9214 7529
(check my celebrant link)

stops the compulsion

the morning starts off fine
my plan to eat healthy
carry out my exercises
write and read literature which is
pertinent to expressing and releasing my
inner most turmoil is also happening
then by afternoon when my work takes the focus
I am struggling with my food plan
and temptation raises its ugly head

it’s not as though I’m not enjoying my tasks
but rather that I feel controlled by outside forces
well at the time it feels that they are unknown but it can be
the boss, the family, the therapist or the uni lecturer
whichever power is running the show at the time
it cannot be done otherwise for there is always
a power controlling the progress of life’s activities

even the powerful and wealthy have to meet
the requirements of some controlling power
it’s just that way – Life is the ultimate power
but there can be a power greater than myself which
is useful to my inner peace and stops the compulsion to eat or whatever
a program, a fellowship can be just what is needed to be a higher power

take heart that it happens to the best of us too!

“why me?”
“I thought I learnt my lesson last time!”
“why am I attracting the same again?”
“how can I change to avoid it in the future?”

it’s fine to take responsibility for what we can do differently
nonetheless we need to also remember
that we belong to humanity and that
everyone has their imperfections
which can affect us dramatically
both directly and indirectly

therefore there is no guarantee that
doing it better will avoid trauma
the only hope is that should it happen again
we need to have transparency about the situation by
reaching out for support about how we feel in the here and now
sure, learn how to deal with it better and not take it so personally but
take heart that it happens to the best of us too!