stops the compulsion

the morning starts off fine
my plan to eat healthy
carry out my exercises
write and read literature which is
pertinent to expressing and releasing my
inner most turmoil is also happening
then by afternoon when my work takes the focus
I am struggling with my food plan
and temptation raises its ugly head

it’s not as though I’m not enjoying my tasks
but rather that I feel controlled by outside forces
well at the time it feels that they are unknown but it can be
the boss, the family, the therapist or the uni lecturer
whichever power is running the show at the time
it cannot be done otherwise for there is always
a power controlling the progress of life’s activities

even the powerful and wealthy have to meet
the requirements of some controlling power
it’s just that way – Life is the ultimate power
but there can be a power greater than myself which
is useful to my inner peace and stops the compulsion to eat or whatever
a program, a fellowship can be just what is needed to be a higher power

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