My 70th Birthday & International Woman’s Day Fundraiser

You are invited by these 2 sponsors:

UN LOGO     UNAA (NSW) (United Nations Association of Australia) and HumSocNSW (Humanist Society)

HumSoc Logo

Sam Pellegrino


to bring your friends and family and celebrate my 70th birthday which is also UN IWD (International Women’s Day). This is a FUNDRAISER for those 2 non profit organisations so instead of bringing me a present please donate $20 per person (children under 16 free) – food and soft drink provided (byo alcohol)

VENUE: Turanga Building (private garden)  1 Phillip St (opp George St cnr) WATERLOO
Free parking areas other side of No 1 and 3 buildings                                                                                                                                     for this party only so disregard NO PARKING SIGNS inside


  ENTERTAINER:                                                                                                                               SAM PELLEGRINO:  Singer/Guitarist

He will have you dancing in the aisles to “rock ‘n roll”, “twist again”,                                                                  Latin American street dance and the latest music too

  DATE: SATURDAY  8th   MARCH        TIME:   1-4pm


For children there is a playground,  bicycle path, and basketball court, for parent supervised play in the large        landscaped park area.

Pre paid booking PLEASE and state Affie’s 70th

RSVP 1st MARCH for catering purposes. will collect on the day too (call Affie & book)

DONATIONS by mail before 7th March please:UNAA(NSW) PO Box K229 Haymarket 1240 Attention Dr Peter Airey or
HUMANIST SOCIETY OF NSW PO Box 617 POTTS POINT 1335 Attention Dr. Victor Bien


Party Balloons, photo by Julie Elliott, Wichita Falls, United States,  never enough




Where’s my passion gone?

Apart from sharing my delight for the Hungry Jacks advertisement in me previous  post, it has been many months since I have written a post. Was it the shock of losing my close friend Waratah Rose Gillespie to a major stroke on 21.06.2010, or the battle to prevent the Humanist Society of NSW  being  taken over, or just life being too busy. Nevertheless, I remember asking myself over and over – where’s my passion gone? No posts, no sketches, no poetry! I had planned to write about Waratah’s passing away last year, and this June a memorial article and I did neither.

Waratah was an amazing activist and her Bougainville Seminar and book was well highlighted at Parliament House on IWWDay on March 8 2010 and I was proud that we managed to arrange that event for her.  At least we honoured her life’s work in her presence there.

Motivation is an important aspect of life and without it we become immobilised.




Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day, photo by Michal Koralewski, Gniezno, Poland, day of loveToday is the day of love. Some people criticise the practise because they believe it is too commercialised. Other people enjoy the romantic and sensual mood of the day. It was once the role of the male to send flowers, chocolates and poetry to the female, often it was an anonymous gesture, creating intrigue. Nowadays it is something both men and women do for each other. It is a ritual that enhances relationships. Unless both partners dislike celebrating the day of love, then it is worthwhile to participate in the celebration.

Bruce felt that it was ridiculous to
celebrate Valentine’s Day
Vicki was looking forward to
receiving some show of affection
on the day of love from her new partner
somehow he had managed to avoid it
on previous occasions but she had
made it clear that it was important to her
Bruce ordered the works
flowers, perfume, choice words in the card
and dinner for two at a romantic restaurant
why? because he is a smart bloke and
values the relationship enough to
do the right thing when he is made aware
just as Vicki has done with his wishes
such as fishing with the mates on the
first Sunday of the month and the
regular card night at their place
with her playing the hostess
this exchange of favours to satisfy
each others desires is what makes
their relationship special

Happy Valentines Day, photo by Michal Koralewski, Gniezno, Poland, day of love

Wedding day

la propuesta, photo by Gabriel Bulla, Isla Margarita, Venezuela,  wedding ceremonyBeing in love is amazing and people like to complete the experience by getting married. The wedding day can be formal or it can be as depicted in this photo, partly formal and partly casual. Whatever it is, the main emphasis needs to be on making the day exciting and unforgettable. As a celebrant I have been a part of many wedding ceremonies which can be seen in the weddings category on this page.

they were in love and well organised
they knew how they wanted to celebrate
their wedding day and it sounded
absolutely fantastic because
it would be on the beach with a
few members of the family
and close friends
they all loved dreamy weddings
and this one was so romantic too


Amor junto al ro, photo by Hernan Herrero, Capital Federal, Argentina,, loving relationshipSuccessful relationships can take place between people who are not soulmates. This is because soulmates can sometimes be just good friends. Nevertheless, when a loving relationship involves a lover who is also a soulmate then it is considered by some to be ideal. So if you’re searching for the ideal partner make a list of all the pros and cons of such a person – it is important to show both what you want and what you don’t want in a relationship. In doing that you raise your awareness of the type of person that will suit you best. Everything in life needs a blueprint and likewise relationships do too. Make sure that you are meticulous in making your list and then affirm it by thinking positive about finding your soulmate and life partner.

he had been unlucky in his choice of partners
someone who had appeared to be a soulmate
turned out to be codependent hell
he wanted to stop repeating this mistake
his life coach suggested he make a written list
of the likes and dislikes he had about
a future loving relationship
she said it was a phenomenon that worked
but she stressed that he make sure he
does not leave anything out from the list
he laughed because he thought it stupid
but he did it because she’d been right before
about some important things
not long after he found his wife and soulmate
and ten years later they have a life
he wouldn’t have believed was possible
children, security, love, fun and
above all sanity and serenity

Amor junto al ro, photo by Hernan Herrero, Capital Federal, Argentina

13th Step love

Together, photo by Puiu Adriana Mirabela, Bucharest, Romania,  loving fellowshipPeople who find recovery from addictions in a 12 Step program create close loving friendships together, which is the basis for this fellowship. It’s known that some members also find a soulmate or life partner in the 12 Step fellowship, when both partners have a strong recovery and are ready for an intimate relationship. In such cases a life partnership is rewarding because they share a way of life which they understand and which enhances their recovery choices. However, people need to be vigilant about 13th Step love. That’s what they call it when someone who is experienced with the 12 Step program gets involved with a member in recovery who is vulnerable and who is usually a new member (also see my other posts on the 13th Step which is the unofficial term for this involvement).

he resisted his feelings about her because
she was new in recovery and he was her guide
he had many years in the 12 Step fellowship
and was grateful for the sanity and serenity he had
but he was fooled about her level of recovery
because it was not her first time in the program
so when their relationship became intimate he had
hopeful plans for their future together
but then she relapsed and he realised
it had only been a 13th Step love
he took responsibility for the mistake as he was the more
experienced one and had needed to be more aware
she was now a ‘runaway train’ with her addiction and
they suffered in more ways than one
a painful lesson for both

Soulmates or love addiction?

Forelove @ Backlight, photo by Ertl Balzs, Soroksar, Hungary, true loveThere is a fine line between having a loving relationship and love addiction. A loving relationship involves soulmates having a fulfilling life based on like-minded friendship. Love addiction is a relationship that brings extreme highs and lows with unmanageablity as the distinctive characteristic which gets progressively worse. Soulmates or love addiction, which will it be for you?

he had experienced great unhappiness
and yet mad passionate love with her
he was finally free of that madness
and it hadn’t been easy to achieve!
in therapy he tried to understand
why he felt disinterested with his new love
and yet he knew he loved her deeply
it took a while for him to realise
that he needed to adjust to the reality of love
in other words: soulmates or love addiction?
he finally understood the difference
and since then his life has been
what he’s always hoped for and yet
thought he’d never have
together with serenity at last
as well as three adorable young children to love

Aroma therapy

Aroma, photo by Mohamed Riffath, Maldives, feel goodMany people underestimate essential oils and the effect aroma therapy has on our wellbeing. Our sense of smell and sense of touch contribute to relaxation and the healing of stress related illnesses. Aroma therapy has many different combinations of oils and how they benefit us, whether through massage or the aroma of oils in a burner.

I had gone to a health farm for a week
needed the break after a series of traumas
both in my personal life and through work
it was great healthy food
good company
excellent education about nutrition and health
even a little fun like horse-riding and singing
also great was the float tank and mud baths
but best of all was the massage with the
essential oils especially applied in reflexology
that was heaven for me and my feet
furthermore, relaxing music in the background
as well as the most amazing aromas
wafting from the burner
such a phenomenon
the best high ever

Relationship dance

Light dance 2, photo by Audrey Johnson, United States, healthy loveResearch has shown that in a roomful of people we unconsciously choose a person who will do a relationship dance with us which suites our present need. That need can be healthy or not, a happy one or full of misery – depending on our self esteem level. There may be unfinished business with our parents and we choose someone to be attracted to who will give us the opportunity to resolve those issues.

Although we know that it’s not good to
fall in love with someone who reminds us
of one of our parents, nevertheless,
it happens so often unknowingly
the relationship dance that follows
can make us or break us
all in the name of being in love
her first husband reminded her of
her charismatic neurotic mother
whilst her second husband reminded her
of her gentle dignified father
neither marriages turned out
no wonder, but she resolved many issues
and said that perhaps her third marriage
will have a better outcome

Marriage in the Blue Mountains

Three Sisters, photo by Alexander Rist, Neu-Ulm Germany,Being in love is a wonderful time. In the beginning the lovers think alike, enjoy the same interests, want to spend lots of time together, and rarely disagree. They have passion in their lovemaking and the future looks perfect. So their wedding day needs to be ideal to celebrate such an important day. Some want their celebration to be by the sea, others prefer the country and my latest couple whose marriage is approaching want it to take place in the Blue Mountains.

“will you travel to the Blue Mountains for the wedding?”
“of course I will”, I replied
their smiles indicated their delight because
to them a marriage in the Blue Mountains meant
going back to where they had originally come from
that was important to them as it took them
back to their roots
however, there are others who want to
celebrate their wedding in the Blue Mountains
because as city folk they loved the ambiance of
the Blue Mountains and the atmosphere there
some have had their photos taken after the marriage
at one of the lookouts with the beautiful surroundings
undeniably a day to remember and the closest to heaven