Addiction and anorexia

Mannequins, photo by Marco Michelini, Firenze, Italy, beauty mythMuch has been written about the effect that thin models and movie celebrities have on young women. In an effort to look like these role models young women develop eating disorders. Addiction and anorexia are the same condition. When a person suffers from anorexia it is on the same eating disorder continuum as compulsive overeating. Just as life threatening as other addictions anorexia results in a distorted perception. The afflicted person does not see themselves as being thin and continues to do without food in order to lose more weight.

she was such a loveable person and
so thoughtful too, not to mention how
talented she was in writing
poetry straight from the heart
however, she battled addiction and anorexia
she managed to become free of the heroin
but not of the need to avoid eating
no matter what she tried it worked only
for a short time and then she was back
to her old ways which eventually led her
to her heroin addiction and death from starvation
some more fortunate are rescued from this fate

4 thoughts on “Addiction and anorexia”

  1. hi there
    i wonder whether you could help me…
    when i go out for a meal with a group of friends or people i work with, i tend to get really nervous about ordering a meal and finishing it. what i normally do is choose a meal that will be easier for me to finish, instead of the one that i really want to eat. and then, when the meal does arrive on the plate, i still get nervous about finishing it and my mind is pre-occupied with this thought, that in the end, i don’t finish the meal anyway.
    i want to go travelling, and this is the only thing that is stopping me from going. i wonder whether you could give me any advice…thank you x

  2. I suggest that you speak to someone at Overeaters Anonymous because there are members of OA who have also suffered from anorexia and found recovery. Use the link on my website to reach them. Let me know how you go. You could also get some assistance from an addictions therapist.

  3. I believe my sister has the mindset of somebody that will go on to become anorexic. She’s 15, and while I don’t understand just why she’s suddenly changed her attitudes to food I am still trying to support her… whilst trying to get her to eat something. She seems to be under the impression that she should just stop eating to lose weight… well, yes, but we all know that is no good. She’s not overweight in the slightest, but can’t accept that. Rather worrying. Any thoughts? F x

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