Affie’s 70’s Birthday/IWD Fundraiser the Party

Patricia Diane kicking up a stormtwist againI twisted like never before and so went my 70th which was the best I ever had. My granddaughter Talia Nicolitsis who had turned 11 two days earlier is so talented and has taken after my late mother who used to sing love songs. Tina my daughter is her mother, and we sat hugging each other like to chooks watching Talia. Sam Pelegrino had us dancing rock n roll where Diane and Patricia were kicking up their heels, samba for Silvana and Victor. The Hellenic Cultural Association Akropolis (Greeks from Romania- we came out 64 years ago and I’m on the committee) were here with President my cousin Harry Polymeris, Michael Contos, Panagaki Dimitriadis.   Then there’s a great photo of The UNAA(NSW) Committee Lindsay Mell (past President), Diane Sackellariou (whose late husband was Greek Victor Silvana Samba at my 70thRomanian, Peter Airey (past President) and Patricia  Jenkins. Also a photo with the other sponsoring committee of HumSocNSW Sturt Duncan, John Levack (ex committee), Silvana (Victor’s wife), Victor Bien, Brian Edwards, Fred Flatow and dog Coach, Angela Drury and dog Panda, me and dog Pepi.  We are short of $1,000 for each sponsor UNAA(NSW) and HumSocNSW so please keep the donations coming into whichever organisation you support no matter how small an amount and I will keep you posted through the Newsletters as to our progress.

Talia singing    Akropolis at Affie 70th         UNAANSW at Affie 70th       Humanists at Affie 70th






Nella Pip chattingThe lovely Maori Hut in my lovely garden with my my daughter-in-law Nella Zagoridis and close friend Pip chatting away. Nella and her eldest daughter Gaby (a member of HumSocNSW) Nick my daughter’s 16 yrs old son. Angela is involved in a tet a tet with another friend and new member Vivienne Weidler. Also hard workers together Fred Flatow Vice President of HumSocNSW Nella Zagoridis wife of CAHS President Paul.

Vivienne & Angela                           Fred Nella

dancing at my 70th The dancing goes on and everyone is in a good mood – good KEFI as the Greeks call it or good MOJO as the Americans call it. It was sunny even though the weather forecast was going to be showers so I hired a tarpaulin which we didn’t even open up. We had 10 bbq chickens in pieces ($100 donated by Fred Flatow), a huge potato salad (Tina donated) huge rice salad (Angela donated) huge pasta Bolognaise (Nella donated), a huge cabbage salad and cutlery, plates, drinks, venue etc (Affie donated), Birthday cake ($130 donated by UNAA(NSW), Entertainer and tarpaulin($350 donated by Molly Campbell HumSocNSW member). Avo and his fiancee Lee straight from Bangkok enjoyed themselves in the Maori Hut and he saved us $50 by delivering the tarpaulin back to Meadowbank on Monday morning for me. Thanks Avo.

Avo and partner           Pip with her Aussie family at my 70thPip having fun

Nick Gaby Zia Nella


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