Affirmations – self hypnosis

When we need to change our own behaviour, to undo negative learning patterns, the most effective way to do it is by affirmations – self hypnosis. Repeating positive messages reprograms the negative tapes which compel us to behave in a certain way.

Affirmations are really another way of carrying out self hypnosis
in other words, repeating over and over the positive message
we wish to achieve in our behaviour
I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!
means I begin to feel as though I truly can
for some the same happens when praying
both methods involve positive repetitive messages
with a lot of faith thrown in

9 thoughts on “Affirmations – self hypnosis”

  1. I think the best use of positive affirmations is to combine them with self hypnosis, thus to use hypnotic autosuggestion.THat menas to embed self hypnosis at after we’ve repeated the positive affirmations.That’s why, at first we sature the conscious mind with the affirmation, and then, we carry them deepr into subconscious by means of self hypnosis!

  2. I was not aware of this definition but i used to create repetitive reminders of “be positive” in my mobile phone to change my thinking from negative to postive. It worked great.

  3. its hard for me to understand how can people discard such powerful ideas. This self affirmation thing is quite popular and a lot of successful people use it. However the common man is still not ready to believe all this.

  4. I wondered if you have read Derren Brown’s new book ? I has given me a lot of food for thought throwing a whole ne light on the “hypnotic experience”.

    Nice well thought out site. Well done!

  5. Hi Affie

    I started to listen to self hypnosis CDs as a way of relaxing.
    That worked but I also found that the affirmations worked which is a bonus.
    As you may realise, I am a big fan of self hypnosis now.

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