Cats in bedside drawers.


Mae in the drawer

As I sorted out my bedside table drawers I turned around to get the last drawer and got the fright of my life because Mae was cuddled up in it. The easy way to get an 8 kilo Tabby cat out is to make it ,”dinner time!”. As the cats ate, I pulled stuff out from underneath the bed and as I turned around there was my 7 kilos ginger cat Ruby snuggled up in the drawer. Fortunately she is the anxious one so she jumped out when I ordered her to.💥They are so cute. 💜

Ruby in the drawer


2 thoughts on “Cats in bedside drawers.”

  1. Your cats are so cute! As you’ve seen by my photos, our kitten loves tight spaces too! I’ve had cats my entire life and they never cease to amuse me. xxx

    1. Thanks Joan for leaving a comment. I’m really a cat person nevertheless my dogs do steal my heart because they demonstrate their love, usually, more than cats do who are so aloof. Still, cats are wonderful to observe and have as part of the family

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