Comfort food is an addiction

Some people use alcohol, coffee, speed, nicotine or pain killers to get through University or other stresses. One such popular crutch is comfort food. Regardless of the bad consequences to health or looks, comfort food is an addiction similar to any other drug or process and we become compelled by it – giving us a momentary “high”. It can be more difficult to abstain from comfort food, more so than any of the other compulsions, because food compulsion is acceptable to society. However, this disorder is life threatening too. When no remedy works it is far more realistic to remove the stressors first and then attempt recovery, otherwise we are setting ourselves up for failure.

with each stress I reached for the comfort food
and got through the stressful moment
knowing very well that there were
severe consequences
overweight, lethargy, diabetes!
I kept promising that soon I would
regulate the food compulsion
then I faced reality and stopped
putting off the inevitable
though I must say as the stressors
are eliminated
it becomes much easier to rid myself of
the comfort food addiction

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