Dignity or pride

My dog, photo by Lily Rosen, Tel Aviv, Israel, animal posture
My dog, photo by Lily Rosen, Tel Aviv, Israel

This photo depicts the utmost dignity and beauty. There is a fine line between dignity and pride. Dignity is a strength of character which helps us to deal with life, maturely. This can mean that we survive the worst of life’s ups and downs by having such a strength. Things happen which can either be absolutely terrible or unbelievably amazing, yet how we handle such events determines our health and wellbeing because extremes can stress us. Pride on the other hand leads to a closed character and secrecy, which keeps emotions buried causing illness and unhappiness.

as a young man he was charm itself
popular and loved by men and women
women wanted him, men wanted to be like him
he appeared dignified but was closed
and especially secretive about himself
he became dysfunctional and in time his aggression
lost him his family and the respect of many
unfortunately, he doesn’t see that there is
anything harmful in his choice of behaviour
and he leaves ‘dead bodies’ in his path
whilst self medicating with unhealthy things like
cheating, lying, excessive drinking, overeating and
who knows what else?
his only chance is that he comes out of denial
and becomes more transparent about who he is

5 thoughts on “Dignity or pride”

  1. Affie,
    Is there more available for me to read about dignity versus pride? What you wrote here is tantalizing but I need to know much more. Is there more information available on your website? If there is I can’t find it.
    Thanks for your reply.

  2. Dear Doctor Adiago:

    Thanks for your important introduction of an important topic– dignity vs pride. Dignity is essential self-esteem and self-value; pride is from arrogance. Essentail discussion for the Western philosophy– I’m an american Muslim exploring this topic for an article. Thanks and good wishes prayers from California USA. — Asiya Wendy

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