fun without drinks or drugs

all went well at the ceremony
the bride looked beautiful
the groom was suave
no dancing, smoking or drinking of alcohol
their religion does not permit this
nevertheless lots of people and even youth
having fun with happy laughter
enjoying the celebration

it was a religious ceremony, penticostal at that
friends of mine who had struggled to
get accepted in a new country, Australia
and as I observed their joy, it was a relief that people
could have such fun without drinks or drugs
so natural and healthy and happy

because our focuss has been on the problems of society
have we forgotten that the majority of the population
in fact enjoys life without help from drinks and drugs?
it’s not impossible to do and results in good health and happiness
consequently this does not mean that
such clean living people don’t face Life’s problems
some are very serious, sad, and full of injustice
this happens to the best of us
but the solution is there with the support of the
like minded supportive fellowship we belong to
and its program or philosophy


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