Happy and free

Happy Couple photo by Alberto Camin Brazil http://www.a2design.com.br happy and freeHuman beings are meant to be happy and free. This can be achieved and maintained through keeping life simple and healthy. Making choices that are good for us can be relatively easy when we know what our needs and wants are and deciding the order of importance these are to us. Otherwise life becomes stressful and that is life threatening. Back to basics, we need to go and identify how to go about doing that which makes us happy and free.

I got the buzz out of achieving some things
excited and proud I did more and more
if only there were more hours in the day!
that’s when my alarm bell rang
how easy it is to get out of touch with what
is really important for me
in order to be happy and free
I have to get back to basics, keep things simple
or else the stress demon raises its
ugly head and before I know it
I am running around in circles!

Happy Couple photo by Alberto Camin Brazil

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