I remember the firewalk

Sceptics don’t believe that a person can walk on fire. Others think that it is against “God’s” wishes for humans to do such things. Then again some ask “why do it and for what purpose”?

I was one of those who asked this question, but in 1992 a new found friend, Jussta, a qualified firewalker, organised a fundraiser for the Wayside Chapel and as I worked there I joined in the event, which was covered by the media

we danced around the huge fire until it burned down to embers with
flames lapping up at the coals, then she walked across as we watched amazed
then she sang out to me to join her but I hesitated, quite fearful I might add
she held my hand as we made the crossing and she pulled me off as I hesitated
that cost me a small blister but with great delight at my accomplishment
nevertheless, many a time I am faced with tasks that I undergo and
as usual when I am tempted to stop before I am quite finished
I remember the firewalk and then complete the effort
it was one of the most empowering things I have done in my life


One thought on “I remember the firewalk”

  1. Hi Affie, I love what you wrote! I have been going through my photos of my Australian Tour and what sweet memories of good and powerful lessons and times! Thank you for all your support, encouragement, and I am honored to be your friend.

    Love, Light, & Blessings, Jussta

    P.S. I have placed a link to your beautiful website on my Helpful Links page on my website!

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